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How Politics and the Healthcare System affect Walk in Clinic Expansion in Brampton

The healthcare system in many countries has been under strain in the past decade. That is partly due to the retirement of the baby boom generation. Ask yourself. Is it easy to get an appointment with your doctor especially when you are in an emergency situation like accidents or sickness? If you live in Brampton Ontario, the answer is most likely no. That is why more people are turning towards using Brampton walk in clinics and medical centres.

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Medical Centre Solution

Walkin clinics have become the latest trend in the healthcare industry. They are great for some reasons. The most important of these is that they provide the customer with a convenience that is not easy to find at the local family doctor office. They offer things such as short wait times and other perks that are hard to find in other places. For example, most walk in clinics in Brampton nowadays also have a pharmacy in the same facility. That is a tremendous advantage because the patient can take the prescription from the doctor and immediately fill it on their way out. Can you think of a more convenient way to see a physician?

Another useful perk that some of these walkin clinics have is that the pharmacy which is associated with them is usually a compounding pharmacy. Some patients want need more complicated prescriptions, and a compounding pharmacy is an answer to their needs.

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Female Doctors in Demand

Another trend that has been clear in the healthcare industry is the increasing demand for female doctors. It may be a surprise. However, because of the population of Brampton and the GTA, more patients, especially female patients prefer to see a female family doctor. It is hard to find a Brampton medical clinic that does not have at least one female family doctor on staff. Furthermore, that trend is bound to continue because of the demographics of Brampton and Mississauga. That trend has encouraged more women to become physicians as it is a field that offers many opportunities for them.

Politics and the Healthcare Services


In recent years, Ontario politics has been dominated by talk about healthcare. In Brampton, that has also been the case as the healthcare minister has come under fire for overspending on the William Osler Hospital. Some of the other parties such as the Conservatives have suggested using smaller healthcare facilities to take some load off of the primary health system. One of these methods is to use smaller walk-in clinics and medical centres to distribute the burden of patients on many smaller nodes in the system. Having a pharmacy in these Brampton medical centers is another bonus because it allows for a centralization of the health services.

The needs of the healthcare system are bound to continue. To cope with the demand, government and private businesses must cooperate to deliver the patient needs in a timely convenient manner. Using a network of walkin clinics, family practice and pharmacies is one of the ways that is looking like it could be a winner in the very near future!